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Decentralized Global Pandemic Information Platform

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Aid Squad is a non-profit project developed by GeoDB with the intention of contributing to society in the fight against the spread of epidemics and pandemics, offering a tool in which citizens can share their symptoms anonymously through a Personal Health Record (PHR) and express their support for solidarity causes.

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AidSquad Platform Vision

Aid Squad takes advantage of distributed ledger technologies to store data in a tamper-proof, public and transparent way, allowing users, researchers and other interested parties to use data for their own purposes. In addition, the app uses this data to visually represent the geographical distribution of people who may have a particular disease.

The cornerstone of Aid Squad’s system is citizens’ solidarity. We believe in people’s goodness and solidarity, especially in emergency scenarios. Therefore, the validity of the results will depend on the veracity of the input data. The platform also implements some gamification features to thank users for spending their time and sharing their data.

How does AidSquad work?

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AidSquad Android App

Aid Squad App allows people to share their PHR with the network. Once shared, all data is publicly available and tamper-proof, so everyone can access it. Use it to extract conclusions that might help pandemics control and fight.

For every PHR you share with the network you will be receiving Karma points and Karma points will give you access to social status and official badges. Become one of our top contributors! While you gain status you will also be generating AID Tokens that will be sent to the official cause you choose. The more PHRs you send the more you will help the world!

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